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We only sell wholesale. Our minimum order quantity can refer to the product description.

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About the pictures

The products in our store are all taken in kind. Due to differences in light, background and personal monitors, there may be slight color differences, but we have tried our best to restore the authenticity of the products!

About the products

The goods will inevitably be squeezed during packaging and transportation. If the goods are wrinkled, they can be restored by cleaning with water or steam fumigation. If the flower heads and leaves fall off, you can also insert them back by yourself (most artificial flowers are handmade, and After glue treatment, this situation rarely occurs), the length of the flower branches can be adjusted according to your own flower vessel, it can be cut, or a small bottle can be placed in the vase for decoration.

About the delivery

Please contact us for inquiries before placing an order! Under normal circumstances, we will ship within 3-5 days of receiving your payment. A large amount of goods can be shipped by contacting us to choose logistics, in order to save on shipping costs.

About the shipping cost

Please contact us to discuss the details, and we will also recommend more cost-effective transportation methods for you.

The specific shipping cost depends on the quantity of your order.

About Returns

1. We cannot be held responsible for goods damaged or lost in the shipment. All damaged packages must be reported to the carrier for a damage claim. Shipping rates are subject to change at any time.

2. The following are not product defects:

2.1. Slight color variations are possible due to differences in the dye lot during the dyeing process at the factory. Colors on the internet may appear different due to the color rendering of the seller's camera, and the screen of the buyer's device.

2.2. Crumples, scratches, and loose elements (the flower head fell off its stem, the leaf fell off the branch, etc.). The goods are mass-produced by machines and packed in boxes to save space. To bring products in a marketable condition (ready-for-sale, ready-for-use), you must follow the seller's recommendations on maintenance and storage published on our website

2.3. Missing pieces (petals, leaves). The absence of product elements must be photographed and video recorded when opening the original box in which the goods were delivered to the buyer. The opening and inspection of the goods must take place no later than 3 business days after the receipt of the goods by the buyer. It is necessary to look for the missing pieces nearby inside the box, often they fall off and can be returned to their place.

If the absence of elements is confirmed (leaves, blooms, petals), the seller will refund part of the cost of the product in proportion to the number of missing pieces or send the missing items (if they are in stock) to the buyer with the next order. The missing items will not be sent as an individual order.     

3. Return of goods is possible if:

-   there is a significant color difference (for example, not white but pink, not blue but green),

-   you received the wrong item,

-   the goods have manufacturing defects (through no fault of the carrier),

-   there is a shortage of goods (not 12 items, but 11 items).

For the goods to be eligible for a return, please make sure that:

-   no more than 3 days have passed since the receipt of the goods,

- you can provide videos of the opening and inspection of the goods in question,

- the goods are in the original packaging and condition,

- the goods have no visible signs of use         

4. Returns due to a manufacturing defect or our error will be refunded to the original payment method. The original shipping charge is not refundable. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

Please allow 7-14 days after return delivery for your refund to be processed.

We reserve the right to refuse returns of any products that do not meet the above return conditions at our sole discretion.   

5. The product has restrictions on use. Detailed information can be found in the “Flower maintenance and storage recommendations” published on our website.

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