Flower maintenance and storage recommendations

Shipping of goods

MYDFLORAL is a wholesale supplier of artificial flowers and plants with worldwide shipping. When packing an order, various properties of the product’s materials are taken into account. We pack the goods compactly, but without damaging flowers and plants. For example, hydrangea inflorescences are shrank and fit into a minimum number of boxes to reduce shipping costs.


If the artificial flowers are placed in an environment that is prone to dust accumulation, it is recommended to use a soft duster, brush or other tools to gently brush off the dust on the surface of the artificial flowers every other week. Otherwise, thick dust will accumulate in the buds of the artificial flowers. , which is difficult to clean and affects the appearance. Of course, you can alsouse a hair dryer to blow off the dust. Special attention should be paid to the fact that you must use cold air, because the artificial flowers are dyed handicrafts and are prone to fading when exposed to high temperatures. If the artificial flowers have not been cleaned for a long time, you can rinse the flower heads with cold water to prevent the flowers from fading. If the flowers and leaves are artificial flowers made of silk, they can be soaked in high-concentration salt water for 2 hours, then immersed in clean water and shake gently to remove dust and ensure that the color remains bright. After washing, you can turn the flowers downward and hang them to dry in the shade so that they will not deform.


If the flowers are not intended to be your permanent decorative elements, they should be stored in a closet or in boxes in airtight packages that protect them from light and weathering: this can be cling film, bags, resealable containers, etc.

Flowers of the same hue can be stored together, but some colors cannot be mixed (except readymade bouquets and arrangements), since they can stain each other. For example, white and red roses. Flowers and colors that can stain: roses – red, raspberry wine, burgundy, pink, lilac; peonies-

pink and purple; orchids – dark purple.

The white color and its shades (light pink, light blue) are most subject to change – they can turn yellowish.

To minimize discoloration and prolong the pristine beauty of flowers, we recommend that you do not display all available flowers in a showcase or window, but only the minimum required number of samples.

The lifespan of an artificial flower depends on the material it is made of:

- silk with a latex coating (roses, peonies) and polyurethane - up to 1 year *

- PEVA and PVC - up to 3 years and more *

* Lifespan may vary both downward and upward depending on the conditions of storage and use.

Daily care

Artificial flowers cannot be exposed to high temperatures, otherwise the flowers will lose their bright colors and become dimmer. Therefore, do not expose artificial flowers to the scorching sun for a long time, or place them near a fire source. If the temperature is too high, it will not only cause the flowers to fade, but also cause them to crack, affecting their beautiful flower shape. In addition, in daily care, you can occasionally rub a small amount of essential oil on the petals, which can not only moisturize the petals to prevent them from deforming and cracking, but also bring fragrance to the house, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

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